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Riverhead Town Supervisor - Riverhead Police

On Our Police – Collectively, we need to maintain control of our police department. We must prevent county acquisition. At the present moment, there is a concerted effort by the county to take control of our police department. Should the county succeed, we can anticipate:

·       Response time will increase

·       Crime rates will increase

·       The quality of patrol services will decrease

·       The quality of our investigations will be decrease

·       Members of the police force who reside in our town will decrease

We need viable public-private partnerships, which in turn will transcend into economic prosperity for our Town. Especially, the property owners and to enhance our Town’s future cohesively. In public-business management, the mantra is “effective management skills are necessary to accomplish goals, while protecting all the people it serves.” We need our community to have faith in our Town Supervisor to possess the ability to effectively manage and move our Town forward, not publicity driven drama with a false sense of transparency.


Riverhead Town Supervisor Serves the Taxpayers of:
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