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Riverhead Town Supervisor - ROUTE 58 - Retail Corridor

Downtown Revitalization and Route 58 Corridor


We need a cohesive plan to move our Town forward. Our revitalization efforts have been stalled for one and a half years. We need our community to have faith in our ability to manage and move our government forward. We should concentrate on creating open spaces, creating new expanded child friendly parks, exposing the riverfront to Main Street and apportioning larger old retail locations into smaller rentable spaces. This approach will garner a desirable welcoming quaint hometown charm.

Once an effective development plan is developed, we should expedite approvals and reduce fees to further fortify our goals effectively. Planning to move our Town forward is possible with the right management team in place. However, you need a leader who has the desire to act and make decisions. This approach will also entice the right developers for our Town and reap the fruits of good and effective government. We need to be progressing towards setting our goals and objectives for our town in a cohesive manner. Many of our communities around us thriving. Why? Simple, they have a business and resident friendly Town. We have the infrastructure in place, the desire of businesses to work with our community and the ability to change zoning. Change can happen now!


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